What is Web Hosting and Its Importance for E-commerce

Web hosting is a service purchased so that websites can be viewed online. Thanks to this service, websites are accessible 24/7. Hosting keeps websites active by providing storage, security and continuous access.

Files, images, content and emails of websites are stored in web hosting. These areas are hosted in the datacenter on machines supported by powerful hardware. DNS settings ensure that users are directed to the correct hosting when they access the website.

Hosting Needs for E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce sites need powerful hosting due to their high traffic and data processing requirements. In order for e-commerce sites to operate smoothly, it is necessary to pay attention to the following criteria:

High processor power and RAM.

Large storage space and fast storage options.

High bandwidth.

High CPU performance and cooling features.

Current and secure SSL certificate.

Firewall and DDoS protection.

Software updates and file encryption methods.

Hosting Types and Features

Shared Hosting: It is a service where multiple websites share the same server. It is suitable for new and low traffic sites.

Cloud Hosting: It is a service with high performance and high security level. In case of server congestion, it is immediately redirected to the other server.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting: Provides your own server space and offers more control. It is more expensive than shared hosting.

Physical (Dedicated) Hosting: Provides a full server of your own and offers full control. Its price and technical knowledge requirement are higher than others.

Reseller Hosting: Allows you to use a certain area of ​​a server and rents the rest to others.

Dedicated Hosting: Provides you with server management and settings. It is suitable for sites that receive high traffic or large volumes.

WordPress Hosting: It is a type of hosting optimized for sites with WordPress infrastructure.


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