Google Shopping and Product Ads Guide


Google shopping ads started in 2012 as "My product list ads" and were renewed as "Shopping ads" in 2016. It started to be used in Turkey in 2014 and was abolished by the decision of the Competition Authority in 2020. However, it began to be used again in 2023.

Google shopping ads are used to reach potential customers on platforms such as Google SERP rankings, the display ad network, and YouTube. This ad type offers up-to-date and effective ad experiences.

How Do Google Shopping Ads Work?

Create a product feed file.

Upload this file to Google Merchant Center account.

Create a Google Ads account.

Create a campaign and run the ad.

What is Product Feed?

A product feed is a file format sent to search engines to inform them of your product details. This file contains details such as product names, prices, descriptions, images, stock information and categories. Product feed files allow you to instantly update your E-commerce inventory information.

Benefits of Product Feed:

It saves time.

It reduces the risk of error.

Provides a consistent shopping experience.

Increases brand awareness.

Reduces update costs.

Where to Use Product Feed?

It is used in product feed, search engines, e-commerce sites, comparison sites, Google Merchant Center and social media platforms. For example:

Search engines: Google, Bing, Yandex

E-commerce sites: Trendyol, Hepsiburada, N11, Amazon

Comparison sites: Akakçe, Enuygun, Cimri

You can reach more customers and increase your sales by sending your product information to these platforms.


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