Operating certificate


The activity certificate stands out as a document requested when applying to various marketplaces, inter-institutional relations, or when opening a commercial account at a bank. The activity certificate is referred to as the official document summary related to the business sector companies conduct. Therefore, it is important to answer what an activity certificate is and what it is for.

What Is an Activity Certificate? An activity certificate, in its general definition, is a document that officially certifies that a company, tradesman, or professional actively conducts the relevant business. It should be noted that for business agreements or partnerships, it may be required to know whether the relevant company or individual actively provides services in that field. In this case, the company's current information and legal validity are provided through the activity certificate.

What Is Written in the Activity Certificate? The activity certificate includes information such as the subject of the business, capital, MERSIS number, the commercial name and title of the company, registration date, Trade and Chamber Registry number, to which authority the document will be issued, and the active NACE code.

How to Obtain an Activity Certificate? Obtaining an activity certificate is quite easy and fast. Application can be made directly to the chamber or association in the region where the company or workplace is affiliated. In addition, it is also possible to easily obtain an activity certificate via the web.

How Much Is the Activity Certificate Fee? The activity certificate fee varies according to the chamber. The document is prepared on the same day for both online applications and applications made in person.

Legal and Tax Obligations of Obtaining an Activity Certificate The activity certificate legally records the business's activity in the defined business field. It also explains that the relevant company actively operates in that business field and is liable for tax purposes.

Activity Certificate and Business Types Business types eligible to obtain an activity certificate include tradesmen, partnership companies, ordinary partnerships, collective partnerships, and limited liability companies.

Difference Between the Activity Certificate and Tax Certificate The difference between the activity certificate and the tax certificate lies in the fact that the activity certificate describes the current job description and information and provides current information about where the document will be issued.


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