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Desi Calculation and Shipping Costs: Cost-Effective Shipments with Hiosis

In the world of e-commerce, shipping has become increasingly crucial. Therefore, accurate desi calculation plays a significant role in optimizing shipping costs and enhancing customer satisfaction. At Hiosis, we share important tips for proper desi calculation and cost savings.

What is Desi and How is it Calculated?

Desi is a term used in cargo transportation to indicate the volumetric weight of a package. There is a standard formula for desi calculation, which determines the desi value using the package's length, width, and height measurements. Desi = (Length x Width x Height) / 3000 is the formula commonly used for desi calculation.

The Impact of Desi Calculation on Shipping Costs

Desi calculation is essential for accurately determining shipping costs and optimizing transport capacity. If the desi value of a package, especially those with large volume but light weight, exceeds its actual weight, the shipping fee is calculated based on the desi value. This enables shipping companies to use transport vehicles more efficiently and reduce costs.

Desi Calculation Formula and Application Tips

While there is a standard formula for desi calculation, there are some important tips to consider. Accurately measuring the dimensions of the package, choosing packaging materials wisely, and using special desi calculation methods for irregularly shaped items are crucial for cost savings.

Tips for Reducing Costs by Reducing Desi

Desi calculation is a valuable tool for reducing shipping costs. Some tips for reducing desi value include: choosing appropriate packaging materials, securely packaging the item, properly arranging the products, and optimizing packaging volume for multiple-item shipments.

Desi Calculation and Savings with Hiosis

At Hiosis, we support you in achieving accurate desi calculation and cost savings. By properly packaging your products and using the desi calculation formula correctly, you can optimize your shipping costs and enhance customer satisfaction.


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