GTIP stands for? How to inquire about GTIP codes? The Customs Tariff Statistical Position (GTIP) represents a coding system specific to goods and products in international trade. These codes provide information on customs duties, tax exemptions, and other commercial transactions during import and export processes. At Hiosis, we want to provide you with information on the importance and accurate determination of GTIP codes.

Importance and Functions of GTIP Codes

GTIP codes ensure standardization of trade worldwide and expedite customs procedures. These codes, determined based on the characteristics of each item, offer a standardized approach to international trade and are used in processes such as determining customs duties.

GTIP codes are used during the import or export of goods, where the first two digits represent the general category and the subsequent digits specify the characteristics of the item. For example, the GTIP code for frosted colored glass is determined as 700319; here, the first two digits represent the general category of glass, while the subsequent digits define the characteristics of the glass.

Inquiry of GTIP Codes

Correctly querying GTIP codes helps facilitate smooth customs procedures. You can inquire about GTIP codes by following these steps:

Visit your country's customs administration website and access GTIP codes. Determine the GTIP code based on the characteristics of your product. Use different sources to verify the GTIP code, such as the website of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the GTIP Search tool of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, or the website of the customs and trade ministry. Accurate Determination of GTIP Codes

Accurate determination of GTIP codes is crucial for completing customs procedures smoothly. It's important to query GTIP codes from different sources and verify their accuracy. Additionally, you can access current GTIP codes from professional consulting firms or the websites of relevant institutions.

Consequences of Incorrect GTIP Codes

Incorrect GTIP codes can lead to delays and penalties in customs procedures. Therefore, it's essential to determine and update GTIP codes accurately. Care should be taken to ensure that invoices with incorrect or missing GTIP codes do not cause issues in customs procedures.

In conclusion, accurate determination and inquiry of GTIP codes help effectively manage customs procedures in international trade. At Hiosis, we are happy to assist you in understanding the importance of GTIP codes and ensuring their accurate determination.


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