What is a Signature Circular?


What are Signature Circulars, and How to Obtain Signature Circulars?

Signature circulars are documents representing the signatures of authorized individuals used in the official documents of a business or company. They are an essential element reflecting the legal entity of the company and are used to establish trust in business relationships.

Signature circulars typically contain authorization documents for one or more individuals and are prepared to be used in the process of signing official documents. Obtaining signature circulars is an important step to ensure the legitimacy and legal validity of a business.

Signature circulars are brief documents representing the reliability and legitimacy of a company. It is crucial to carry out transactions meticulously and obtain the necessary official approvals to ensure the legal validity of the company.

What Are Signature Circulars?

Signature circulars are defined as notarized documents containing the information, signatures, and authorization areas of individuals who have the authority to represent a company or organization in official transactions. They are mandatory documents for companies with legal personality.

The purpose of a signature circular is to record the signatures and authorization areas of individuals authorized to represent the company or organization with an official document.

How to Obtain Signature Circulars?

To obtain signature circulars, the authorized representative of the company or organization must draft a letter in the presence of a notary to arrange the signature circular and sign it. The process of obtaining signature circulars is often a matter of curiosity for many individuals.

Firstly, among the necessary documents for the signature circular application are:

  • A written petition containing the company's name, address, and tax number
  • Sample signatures of individuals authorized to represent the company
  • The company's trade registry gazette
  • The company's tax certificate

To obtain the signature circular, the following steps must be followed in order and in full:

  • Prepare the necessary documents.
  • You can apply by going to the nearest notary.
  • Write a letter at the notary's office to arrange the signature circular.
  • The petition should include the company's name, address, tax number, names, surnames, titles, and authorization areas of the individuals authorized to represent the company.
  • After signing the petition, you must sign the signature circular in the presence of a notary.
  • The notary arranges and approves the signature circular.
  • Then deliver the signature circular to the company or organization.

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