What is Visual SEO?


Hiosis: What is Visual SEO?

Visual SEO is the process of optimizing visual content to improve the ranking of websites and digital content in search engines. Visual SEO is important for increasing website traffic, enhancing brand awareness, attracting target audiences, and improving user experience. At Hiosis, we want to explain the importance of visual SEO and how it can be effectively implemented.

The Importance of Visual SEO

Most internet users pay attention to visual content when searching. Visual SEO helps attract the attention of your target audience by improving your website's ranking in search engines. Additionally, optimizing visual content helps your website reach a wider audience and contributes to increasing brand awareness.

Visual SEO Strategies

  1. Optimized File Names: The file names of images should clearly indicate what the content is about. File names containing keywords help search engines understand images correctly.

  2. Use of Alternative Text (Alt Text): The alt text of each image should be a text that describes the content of the image. Alt texts containing keywords and accurately describing the content contribute positively to visual SEO.

  3. Optimization of Image File Sizes: Large file sizes can slow down website loading times and negatively impact user experience. Optimizing image files increases website speed and is positively evaluated by search engines.

  4. Use of High-Quality Visual Content: Images should be high-resolution, aesthetic, and engaging. High-quality images encourage users to spend more time on your website and enhance its value.

Visual SEO Practices with Hiosis

At Hiosis, we offer a professional team to understand the importance of visual SEO and how it can be effectively applied. We develop customized visual SEO strategies tailored to the needs of our clients and utilize the latest techniques to increase their website visibility. By optimizing your visual content with Hiosis, you can introduce your brand to a wider audience and strengthen your digital presence.


Visual SEO has become an integral part of digital marketing strategies. At Hiosis, we help our clients increase their online visibility by providing them with the best visual SEO practices. Contact us to optimize your visual content and discover the power of introducing your brand to a wider audience.


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