What are the agreements that should be included in e-commerce sites?


Hiosis: What Contracts Should Be Present on E-commerce Sites?

E-commerce sites play a crucial role for businesses selling products or services online. However, there are many legal requirements to consider when setting up an e-commerce site, and one of them is creating various contracts. So, what contracts should be present on an e-commerce site? Let's delve into this topic in detail with Hiosis.

Privacy Policy Agreement

A privacy policy agreement is a document that explains how customers' personal information is collected, used, and protected. This agreement is essential to protect customers' privacy and gain their trust. E-commerce sites should publish this agreement in a way that anyone entering the site can easily access it.

Terms of Use Agreement

The terms of use agreement outline how users can use the e-commerce site, what terms they must adhere to, and which activities are prohibited on the site. This agreement is necessary to protect the rights of the site owner and ensure users use the site correctly. The terms of use agreement should be accepted by every user who registers or shops on the site.

Sales Agreement

A sales agreement regulates the commercial relationship between the customer and the seller. This agreement specifies the rights and obligations of the parties regarding the sale of products. Details such as payment terms, delivery times, return, and exchange policies are included in the sales agreement. Customers should carefully read and accept the sales agreement before making a purchase.

Return and Exchange Policy

The return and exchange policy grants customers the right to return or exchange purchased products. This policy is crucial to enhance customer satisfaction and reinforce trust. E-commerce sites should clearly state and implement the return and exchange policy.

Intellectual Property Rights Agreement

The intellectual property rights agreement protects intellectual property rights such as the site's design, content, and trademarks. This agreement is necessary to prevent copyright infringements and provide legal protection. E-commerce sites should publish this agreement to prevent unauthorized use of their content and trademarks.


Compliance with legal requirements is essential when operating an e-commerce site. The contracts mentioned above establish important rights and responsibilities for both business owners and customers. Hiosis emphasizes the importance of creating and publishing these contracts when setting up your e-commerce site. Remember to take these steps to gain your customers' trust and keep your business safe!


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