What is CGI?


Hiosis: What is CGI? Importance and Usage in the E-Commerce World

With the rapid advancement of technology in the e-commerce world, many terms and concepts have emerged. One of these terms is "CGI" or "Computer Generated Imagery." But what is CGI and what is its importance in the world of e-commerce? Let's delve into this topic in detail with Hiosis.

What is CGI?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery. This technology allows for the creation of images by computers. It enables the integration of real-world objects with computer-generated graphics. In the e-commerce world, CGI is often used to make products appear more attractive and realistic. Especially on online shopping sites, having product photos that are impressive and attention-grabbing plays a significant role in influencing customers' purchase decisions.

The Importance of CGI in E-Commerce

In e-commerce, it is crucial for customers to examine products in detail and obtain a realistic view. CGI serves as an ideal solution to meet this need. Creating 360-degree views of products to show customers every angle is essential for gaining their trust. Additionally, CGI technology can be used to showcase different color and pattern options. This allows customers to fully understand the product and make informed purchase decisions.

Usage of CGI at Hiosis

At Hiosis, we actively utilize CGI technology to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible. By creating detailed images of our products, we offer customers a realistic shopping experience. Furthermore, by showcasing various color and pattern options for our products, we provide customers with a wide range of choices.


CGI plays a significant role in the world of e-commerce. By providing customers with realistic and impressive product images, it facilitates their purchase decisions. At Hiosis, we will continue to actively use CGI technology to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible.


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