Pttavm Integration


With the rapid advancement of technology, it has become inevitable for businesses to establish a presence on digital platforms and utilize them effectively. Especially for companies operating in the e-commerce sector, continuously exploring new integration and collaboration opportunities is essential to provide customers with a faster, more efficient, and user-friendly shopping experience. In this regard, the integration of powerful platforms like Pttavm offers many advantages to businesses. In this article, we will delve into the details of Hiosis's integration with Pttavm.

What is Hiosis?

Hiosis is a comprehensive e-commerce management platform designed to meet the needs of today's businesses. Hiosis offers its customers various essential features such as managing online sales processes, inventory tracking, customer relationship management, developing marketing strategies, and analysis. By using Hiosis, businesses can easily manage their e-commerce operations and maximize their growth potential.

What is Pttavm?

Pttavm is one of Turkey's leading e-commerce platforms. With the assurance of PTT, which has the largest logistics infrastructure in Turkey, Pttavm provides customers with a wide range of products, a secure shopping environment, and fast shipping options. Pttavm aims to improve the e-commerce experience day by day by responding quickly and reliably to the needs of its customers.

Hiosis and Pttavm Integration

The integration of Hiosis with Pttavm enables businesses to manage their e-commerce operations more efficiently and effectively. Through this integration, businesses can easily manage their e-commerce websites with the comprehensive management tools offered by Hiosis and access Pttavm's extensive customer base.

The integration process is straightforward and can be easily accomplished through Hiosis's user-friendly interface. Businesses can integrate their products from Hiosis to Pttavm and manage their sales through this platform. As a result, businesses can reach a wider audience and increase their sales potential.

Advantages of Integration

  1. Access to a Wide Customer Base: Pttavm has a broad customer base. Through Hiosis's integration with Pttavm, businesses can attract the attention of this extensive audience and expand their potential customer base.

  2. Fast and Secure Transaction Processes: With Pttavm's reliable infrastructure, businesses can provide customers with a fast and secure shopping experience. With the integration of Hiosis, these transaction processes are further optimized, increasing customer satisfaction.

  3. Comprehensive Management Tool: Hiosis's comprehensive management tools enable businesses to manage their e-commerce operations more effectively. Through integration, businesses can easily track product inventory, analyze sales, and develop marketing strategies.


The integration of Hiosis with Pttavm enables businesses to manage their e-commerce operations more efficiently and effectively. Through this integration, businesses can reach a wider audience, provide fast and secure transaction processes, and optimize their operations with comprehensive management tools. Ultimately, Hiosis's integration with Pttavm enhances businesses' competitive advantage, increases their growth potential, and improves customer satisfaction.


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