Micro Export


Globalization has become a significant reality in the business world today. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), entering international markets is crucial for increasing growth potential and gaining a competitive advantage. However, entry into global markets should not be limited to traditional export models. This is where the concept of "micro export" and Hiosis's role in this field become important.

Hiosis's Approach to Micro Export:

Hiosis stands out as a platform that supports micro export with an innovative perspective. Micro export, unlike traditional export models, involves the exportation of small quantities of products or services to international markets. This approach offers SMEs a low-cost and low-risk export model.

Hiosis provides various tools and resources to support micro export. These include digital trading platforms that provide access to international markets, education and consultancy services to understand and adapt to cultural differences, as well as logistics and payment solutions. As a result, businesses can more easily access the resources needed to enter international markets and manage the export process more efficiently.

Advantages of Micro Export:

Micro export offers many advantages. Firstly, it entails low costs. Unlike traditional export models that involve stocking large quantities of products or entering into long-term contracts, micro export does not have such high-cost elements. Additionally, the micro export model allows businesses to enter international markets more flexibly. Testing small quantities of products and measuring market response enables businesses to better shape their strategies.

The Role of Hiosis:

Hiosis plays an important role in promoting the widespread adoption of the micro export model and enabling businesses to enter international markets more effectively. Through its various services and resources, Hiosis supports businesses in being successful in the global competitive environment and facilitates the export process.


Globalization and technological advancements increase opportunities for businesses to enter international markets. However, successful navigation of this process requires not only traditional export models but also innovative approaches. Micro export offers a low-cost and low-risk export model for SMEs, and platforms like Hiosis contribute to the wider adoption of this model. Consequently, businesses can more easily access international markets and increase their growth potential.


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