What is Retention?


In the modern business world, a significant measure of a company's success is how long customers or employees remain engaged with the company. This process, known as "retention," is a crucial concept for businesses to ensure sustainable growth. However, retention is not limited to just customers; it is equally critical for employees. In this article, we will delve into the concept of "hiosis," which underlies retention, particularly from the perspective of employees.

What is Hiosis? Hiosis is a term of Greek origin, meaning "protection" or "not leaving alone." In the business world, the term hiosis refers to the loyalty of employees to their employers. This loyalty determines how long employees stay engaged with the company and how effectively the company motivates them.

Hiosis not only influences the duration of employees' tenure within a company but also encompasses the following elements:

  1. Loyalty: Loyalty and commitment of employees to the company are significant components of hiosis. Loyalty reflects the dedication of employees to achieving the company's objectives.

  2. Job Satisfaction: Employee satisfaction with their roles and work environment is a critical factor in determining hiosis. Job satisfaction can either strengthen or weaken employees' relationships with the company.

  3. Development and Advancement Opportunities: Opportunities for personal and professional development play a vital role in increasing hiosis. Companies' efforts to develop employees and provide them with career opportunities can enhance employee loyalty.

  4. Communication and Feedback: Open and effective communication plays a crucial role in ensuring hiosis. The freedom for employees to express their thoughts and a culture of feedback can strengthen their loyalty to the company.

The Importance of Hiosis: Hiosis is essential for businesses because the loyalty and desire of employees to stay with the company for the long term ensure the company's stable growth. Moreover, an increase in hiosis can reduce companies' costs by minimizing recruitment expenses and training needs. Furthermore, an increase in hiosis can positively impact a company's reputation and brand value, as customers trust businesses with satisfied and loyal employees.

Conclusion: Hiosis is a critical concept that businesses must consider for sustainable growth. Increasing employee loyalty and building long-term relationships can enhance a company's success and provide a competitive advantage. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to develop various strategies to increase hiosis and prioritize employee satisfaction.


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