What is Passive Income?


Hiosis: What is Passive Income?

Today, achieving financial independence has become one of the primary goals for many individuals. One of the ways to reach this goal is by generating passive income. However, the concept of passive income remains unclear for many people. Known as "Hiosis," passive income holds significant importance in financial literature. In this article, we will delve into the concept of Hiosis in detail.

What is Hiosis?

The term "Hiosis" has Greek origins, meaning "guardian" or "to guard." In financial literature, it is used as a type of passive income. Hiosis refers to the process of creating a source of income through investments or entrepreneurial ventures that consistently generate income without requiring active work or effort from the individual. Passive income enables individuals to earn income without actively engaging in labor.

How is Passive Income Generated?

There are various ways to generate passive income, including:

  1. Investments: By investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, or other financial instruments, you can earn passive income. For example, you can earn dividend income from stock investments or rental income from real estate investments.

  2. Entrepreneurial Ventures: By starting a business or investing in one, you can generate passive income. For instance, you can establish an online store and automate your business operations to generate continuous income.

  3. Royalties: By licensing your creative works (e.g., books, music, art) or licensing the use of a brand or patent, you can earn passive income.

  4. Rentals: By renting out your vehicles, equipment, or other assets, you can earn passive income.

Advantages of Hiosis

Hiosis offers several advantages, including:

  1. Time and Freedom: Generating passive income allows individuals to manage their time more freely. Without the obligation to work in a traditional job, individuals can spend more time with their families or focus on their hobbies.

  2. Financial Security: Passive income enhances financial security by diversifying income sources. Rather than relying solely on a single source of income, individuals can have multiple streams of income.

  3. Potential for Growth: Income generated through Hiosis can increase over time. Returns on investments may grow, or entrepreneurial ventures may expand, thereby increasing passive income.


Hiosis is an important concept for those aiming for financial independence. Generating passive income not only enhances financial security but also provides individuals with more time and freedom. However, generating passive income is not an easy process. It requires time and effort to invest, start a business, or create other sources of passive income. Nevertheless, with the right strategies and discipline, achieving financial goals through Hiosis is possible.


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