What is a Virtual Office and How to Rent It?


In today's business world, flexibility and cost-effectiveness are becoming increasingly important. These trends are reducing the demand for traditional office spaces while increasing the popularity of virtual offices. Businesses prefer virtual offices to reduce costs, provide flexibility, and access a professional working environment. In this article, we will examine in detail the virtual office service offered by Hiosis. Additionally, we will discuss the steps for those looking to lease a virtual office.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a service that provides a professional business address and business services without the need for a physical office space. Unlike traditional offices, virtual offices do not involve renting physical office space. Instead, businesses are provided with services such as mail handling, telephone answering, and meeting room rental. This allows businesses to have a prestigious business address and present a professional image to clients.

Hiosis' Virtual Office Services:

Hiosis offers various virtual office packages tailored to the needs of businesses. Each package may include different services, but typically includes the following:

Business Address: Hiosis provides businesses with a prestigious business address, reflecting the corporate identity and enhancing credibility and respectability.

Mail and Courier Services: Hiosis manages businesses' mail and courier services. Services such as mail reception, package delivery, and postal services are included in the virtual office service.

Telephone Answering: Hiosis' professional secretaries answer and redirect calls on behalf of businesses. This helps businesses present a professional communication image.

Meeting Room Rental: Businesses can rent Hiosis' meeting rooms as per their needs to conduct face-to-face meetings with clients. This provides businesses with flexibility and allows them to hold meetings in a professional environment when needed.

Leasing Process for Virtual Offices:

The process of leasing a virtual office from Hiosis is straightforward for those interested in benefiting from their virtual office services. The following steps can be followed to lease a virtual office:

Needs Analysis: The first step is to determine the business's requirements. Based on factors such as required services and budget, an appropriate virtual office package is selected.

Application: An application is submitted to Hiosis for the selected virtual office package. Applications can typically be made online, and the process is completed quickly.

Contract Signing: After the application is approved, a contract is signed with Hiosis. This contract outlines the details and terms of the services.

Utilizing Services: Once the contract is signed, the business can start using Hiosis' offered services immediately. Services such as mail reception, telephone answering, and meeting room reservation become available for immediate use.


Virtual offices offer businesses flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and access to a professional working environment. Hiosis' virtual office services provide various options to meet businesses' needs. Those interested in leasing a virtual office can take advantage of Hiosis' simple and quick leasing process to expand their operations and create a professional image.


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