What is KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate and How to Obtain it?


Entrepreneurship is considered one of the driving forces of economic development, yet establishing and growing new businesses can come with a myriad of challenges. In Turkey, to support this process and aid entrepreneurs, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration of Turkey (KOSGEB) offers various services. Among these services, the KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate stands out. This certificate serves as a tool to facilitate the process of starting a business for entrepreneurs and allows them to benefit from various advantages.

What is the KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate?

The KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate is designed for entrepreneurs planning to establish a new business in Turkey. It aims to support the process of starting a business by providing various advantages to entrepreneurs during the establishment phase. To benefit from many support programs offered by KOSGEB, entrepreneurs must first obtain this certificate.

How to Obtain the KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate?

Entrepreneurs wishing to obtain the KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate must fulfill certain requirements. The application process typically involves the following steps:

1. Review the Application Conditions: Firstly, it is essential to review the application conditions set by KOSGEB. Typically, these conditions include being a Turkish citizen and operating in the sector where the business is to be established.

2. Submit an Online Application: The application can be submitted online through the official website of KOSGEB. It is important to provide all necessary documents accurately during the application process. The application form generally includes personal and business information.

3. Evaluation Process: After the application, the criteria required for the certificate are evaluated by KOSGEB officials. During this process, the applicant's business plan and business model are also reviewed.

4. Attend Training Programs: Upon approval of the application, entrepreneurs are usually required to attend entrepreneurship training programs. These training programs aim to provide entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills in business management, marketing, finance, and other relevant areas.

5. Obtain the Certificate: Upon successful completion of the application and training program, the KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate is issued. This certificate grants entrepreneurs access to various support programs.

Advantages of the KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate

The KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate offers a range of advantages to entrepreneurs during the business establishment process. These advantages may include:

  • Financial Support: KOSGEB may provide interest-free loans, grants, and incentives to entrepreneurs with the certificate.
  • Training and Consultancy Services: Entrepreneurs may receive training and consultancy services in areas such as business management, marketing, and accounting.
  • Technical Support: Technical assistance may be provided during the business establishment process, including assistance with business plan preparation and market research.
  • Facilities and Incentives: The KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate may entitle business owners to tax benefits, premium support, and other incentives.


The KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate is a valuable document that provides significant support to entrepreneurs in Turkey during the business establishment process. It is important for entrepreneurs to obtain this certificate to facilitate the process of starting a business and increase their chances of success. However, careful review of the conditions set for obtaining the certificate and completing the application process correctly are essential. Through the support offered by KOSGEB, entrepreneurs can establish their businesses on a solid foundation and successfully grow them.


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