What is e-signature?


In today's digital age, the pace of technological advancement is rapidly changing the way we conduct business and live our daily lives. With the digitalization of business processes, paper-based transactions are being replaced by digital platforms. In this context, the secure and rapid transmission, storage, and signing of documents are of paramount importance. This is where the electronic signature plays a crucial role.

What is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is a technology that enables the secure signing of documents in the digital world. It involves the conversion of traditional handwritten signatures into a digital format for electronic use. Electronic signatures are used to verify who signed a document, when it was signed, and for what purpose. This ensures the legal validity of digital documents and protects against fraud.

Hiosis Electronic Signature Service

At Hiosis, we provide a reliable and effective solution to businesses in their digital transformation journey. The Hiosis electronic signature service streamlines document processes for organizations while ensuring security. So how does the Hiosis electronic signature service work?

  1. User-Friendly Interface: With Hiosis' user-friendly interface, you can easily upload, sign, and share documents.

  2. Security and Authentication: Hiosis employs top-level security protocols. Each signature transaction is cryptographically protected and verifiable.

  3. Compatibility and Integration: The Hiosis electronic signature service can be easily integrated into your existing workflows. It works seamlessly with various file formats and integrates with other business applications.

  4. Speed and Efficiency: Paper-based signature processes are time-consuming and costly. By using Hiosis electronic signatures, you can expedite transactions and increase efficiency.

  5. Legal Validity: The Hiosis electronic signature service is designed to comply with globally recognized standards. As a result, documents signed using Hiosis are legally valid.


In the process of digital transformation, electronic signatures are essential tools for streamlining document processes and ensuring security. The Hiosis electronic signature service offers a reliable solution to meet these requirements. With advantages in security, speed, efficiency, and legal validity, the Hiosis electronic signature service emerges as a trusted partner for businesses on their digital transformation journey.


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