What is VAT Number?


Every business is required to operate in accordance with tax regulations and fulfill its tax obligations. Tax liability is a legal requirement for businesses and is essential for the smooth functioning of the tax system. In this context, businesses have identifiers such as the Tax Identification Number (TIN) and the Value Added Tax (VAT) Number. As Hiosis company, we provide guidance to businesses on understanding the importance of these numbers and using them correctly. In this article, we will particularly focus on what a VAT Number is and its significance.

Hiosis and VAT Number:

Hiosis is an organization that offers financial solutions to businesses. We assist our clients in improving their business processes by providing consultancy services on tax regulations, financial planning, accounting services, and other financial matters. In this process, identifiers such as the VAT Number hold great importance.

What is a VAT Number?

A VAT Number is a unique number that identifies a business's VAT liability. Businesses operating in Turkey are required to obtain this number, which signifies their VAT liability. According to tax regulations, businesses that exceed a certain turnover or engage in specific activities acquire VAT liability and are thus required to obtain a VAT Number.

Significance of the VAT Number:

  1. Legal Compliance: Businesses in Turkey are required to fulfill their VAT liabilities as per legal regulations. The VAT Number serves as an indicator of this legal compliance and is a document that must be presented when requested by tax authorities.

  2. Tax Refunds and Deductions: Businesses with VAT liability can record the VAT on their purchases as expenses and deduct it from their VAT base. However, the business must have a VAT Number to be eligible for these deductions.

  3. Commercial Relationships: The VAT Number is an important identifier in commercial relationships between businesses. Especially in invoice issuance processes and in the procurement of goods/services, using this number correctly is crucial for the smooth operation of tax processes.

  4. Export and Import: For businesses engaged in international trade, the VAT Number is significant in export and import processes. This number determines the tax aspect of cross-border trade.

At Hiosis, we strive to emphasize the importance of the VAT Number to our clients and ensure its correct usage. Compliance with tax regulations is crucial for maintaining the financial stability of businesses and facilitating sustainable growth.


At Hiosis, we endeavor to ensure businesses' compliance with tax regulations and optimize their financial processes. Identifiers such as the VAT Number hold great importance, and it is essential for businesses to use these numbers correctly. Proper tax practices help businesses achieve sustainable growth and development.


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