What is Free Export?


Exporting is the process of selling goods and services beyond the borders of a country. However, there are different types of exports, each requiring different commercial strategies. Free export is one of these strategies and can assist businesses in gaining a competitive advantage in the international market.

Definition of Free Export

Free export is a type of export where a product is shipped to the buyer without any charge being levied by the exporter. This occurs without any payment being made by the buyer and is often used as a strategic advantage in commercial agreements. There are various forms of free export, but it is generally employed to facilitate market entry, increase customer loyalty, or access new markets.

How Free Export Works

Free export typically occurs as an incentive or promotion offered by the exporter. These incentives can take various forms, such as providing the product free of charge, offering free shipping, or providing discounts. These incentives provide the buyer with an economic or commercial advantage and often lead to the preference of the exporter's products.

Free export can also be used as a marketing strategy. For example, a company may attract potential customers by offering free products and then establish long-term relationships with these customers. This can be an effective way to expand the customer base and increase brand loyalty.

Advantages of Free Export

There are many advantages to free export. Here are some of them:

  1. Facilitating Market Entry: Free export can be an effective way for companies looking to enter new markets. Offering products free of charge can attract the attention of potential customers and provide a starting point for increasing market share.

  2. Increasing Customer Loyalty: Providing free products or services is an effective way to increase customer loyalty. Customers may be satisfied with free or discounted products and therefore become more loyal to the brand.

  3. Gaining a Competitive Advantage: Free export is a powerful tool that can be used to gain a competitive advantage. Unlike competitors, free offers can create more appeal to customers and strengthen the company's position in the market.

  4. Developing International Relations: Free export can be a way to develop international relations. Free products or services can help establish closer relationships with foreign customers and foster long-term collaborations.


Free export can be an effective trade strategy for many companies. It can facilitate entry into new markets, increase customer loyalty, provide a competitive advantage, and develop international relations. However, careful planning and implementation are required for this strategy to be successful.


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