How to Perform Sector Analysis?


In today's competitive business environment, success relies on businesses developing the right strategies and making informed decisions. Understanding the dynamics of the market and conducting industry analysis is crucial for this purpose. In this article, we will discuss the importance of conducting sector analysis and how it can be done, particularly providing a step-by-step guide using an example of a fictional company called "Hiosis."

Importance of Sector Analysis

Sector analysis helps a business understand the structure, trends, and competitive conditions of the market in which it operates. This analysis provides the necessary information for businesses to make strategic decisions and gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, it assists in identifying opportunities and threats in the market, thus minimizing future risks.

Hiosis: Steps for Sector Analysis

For conducting the sector analysis for our fictional company, Hiosis, we will follow the steps outlined below:

1. Market Identification

The first step is to identify the market in which the business will operate. What sector does Hiosis want to operate in? What is the size of this sector? Who are the competitors in this sector?

2. Determining Market Trends

Understanding market trends plays a significant role in making strategic decisions for a business. What trends are observed in the sector where Hiosis intends to operate? What technological, economic, or demographic changes are impacting the sector?

3. Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis helps a business understand its competitors and develop strategies to gain a competitive advantage. Who are the competitors of Hiosis? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What strategies are they pursuing?

4. Customer Analysis

Customer analysis is essential for identifying target audiences and understanding their needs. Which customer segments is Hiosis planning to target? What are the needs of these segments?

5. SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of a business and determine how to respond to external threats and opportunities. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Hiosis? What opportunities can it leverage, and what threats should it mitigate?

6. Strategic Planning

The final step is to develop a strategic plan based on the information gathered. What strategies will Hiosis adopt to gain a competitive advantage and grow?


Sector analysis is a crucial process that helps businesses understand the market and gain a competitive advantage. Conducting sector analysis for a company like Hiosis is vital for developing the right strategies and achieving success. By following the steps outlined above, we believe Hiosis can conduct a successful sector analysis.


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