What is Proforma Invoice?


In today's business world, with the increasing globalization of trade, the importance of commercial documents is also growing. Ensuring swift and reliable completion of commercial transactions is key to successful trade. Among these documents, the proforma invoice, often used in international trade, is one of the significant documents encountered by businesses. We'll delve into answering the question, "Hiosis: What is a Proforma Invoice?" in detail, examining why this topic is crucial for businesses.

What is a Proforma Invoice?

A proforma invoice is a preliminary invoice type that contains the price, quantity, delivery terms, and other important information of a product or service, but is not an official commercial document. It serves as a summary of the agreement made between the buyer and seller before a commercial transaction takes place. The proforma invoice provides details of the ordered product or service and its cost from the seller to the buyer.

Relationship Between Hiosis and Proforma Invoice

Hiosis is a significant software solution developed to facilitate trade processes. Among various features offered by Hiosis, creating and managing proforma invoices is included. Businesses can easily create, edit, and track proforma invoices through Hiosis' user-friendly interface. This facilitates businesses to make their trade processes more efficient while ensuring access to accurate and updated information.

Importance of Proforma Invoice

The significance of a proforma invoice for businesses is substantial because:

  1. It's the Prelude to Trade: A proforma invoice embodies a concrete expression of the agreement made between the buyer and seller at the onset of trade. It clarifies the details of the agreement between the parties, constituting the initial step of the trade process.

  2. Provides Preliminary Information: Buyers can review the details of the product or service they ordered through the proforma invoice. This ensures that the buyer receives the correct product and calculates the amount they need to pay accurately.

  3. Used for Customs Procedures: In international trade, a proforma invoice is a significant document for customs procedures. Customs officials can use it to determine the value and other details of imported goods.

  4. Determines Payment Terms: The proforma invoice specifies the terms of the transaction. Payment terms, delivery time, and other important conditions are stated on the proforma invoice. This prevents disputes between the parties and ensures smoother execution of the trade process.

  5. Used for Accounting Purposes: Businesses can use proforma invoices in their accounting records. These documents help businesses monitor their financial status and facilitate reporting.


The question "Hiosis: What is a Proforma Invoice?" highlights an important topic for businesses. The role of the proforma invoice in the trade process is significant, aiding businesses in conducting their commercial transactions in an orderly and reliable manner. Software solutions like Hiosis offer businesses the opportunity to manage proforma invoices more effectively, optimizing their trade processes. Therefore, businesses should educate themselves about proforma invoices and manage them effectively.


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