What is E-Export Invoice?


In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, digitalization is transforming traditional methods of trade. Particularly with the widespread adoption of e-commerce, new opportunities are emerging for exporters. One such opportunity is electronic export invoices, known as Hiosis. This method enables businesses to issue export invoices digitally through online platforms. So, what exactly is Hiosis, and how are e-export invoices prepared? Let's delve into the details.

What is Hiosis?

Hiosis, which means "high-performance operating system" in Turkish, is a term used in the business world to encompass electronic export invoices. Replacing traditional paper invoices, this digital form of invoicing offers numerous advantages to exporting businesses.

What is an E-Export Invoice?

An e-export invoice is an official document issued for the sale of goods or services to foreign countries, facilitating the taxation of such transactions. Similar to traditional export invoices, e-export invoices document the commercial relationship between exporter and importer. However, they are generated in electronic format, offering several advantages over paper invoices.

Issuing E-Export Invoices with Hiosis:

The Hiosis system provides businesses with the capability to issue export invoices electronically. Through this system, businesses can minimize the time and costs associated with paper invoices. Additionally, other advantages offered by Hiosis include:

  1. Quick and Easy Processing: Unlike traditional paper invoices, e-export invoices can be generated and sent rapidly through the Hiosis system, expediting commercial transactions for businesses.

  2. Cost Savings: Printing paper invoices, postage fees, and other expenses can constitute significant costs for businesses. With the Hiosis system, many of these expenses are eliminated, allowing businesses to reduce their overheads.

  3. Secure Transactions: Hiosis facilitates secure digital transactions, ensuring that e-export invoices are issued and stored safely through electronic signatures and other security measures.

  4. Easy Tracking and Monitoring: The Hiosis system enables businesses to easily track and monitor the e-export invoices they issue, facilitating more effective management of commercial transactions.


E-export invoices, known as Hiosis, offer businesses the opportunity to manage their commercial transactions more quickly, securely, and economically in the digital realm. This digital form of invoicing, replacing traditional paper invoices, enhances the competitiveness of exporting businesses and enables them to play a more active role in international trade. Therefore, as businesses continue their digitalization journey, the importance of Hiosis is steadily increasing.


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