What is Google Survey?


In today's dynamic business world, the processes of data collection and analysis are becoming increasingly important. Businesses need to rely on solid data when making strategic decisions. Surveys emerge as a powerful tool at this juncture. However, for surveys to be conducted effectively and yield efficient results, the right tools and technology are necessary. This is where Hiosis: Google Survey comes into play.

Hiosis is a platform that facilitates survey creation and management, making data collection and analysis more effective. Particularly when combined with the flexibility and user-friendliness offered by Google Forms, it becomes a reliable and powerful tool that businesses need. So, what is Hiosis: Google Survey, and how does it function?

What is Hiosis: Google Survey?

Hiosis: Google Survey is a software platform that extends the functionality of Google Forms and makes the process of survey creation more efficient. This platform allows users to manage surveys created via Google Forms more effectively. Simultaneously, it automates the data collection process for surveys and facilitates their analysis.

Hiosis: Google Survey can be customized and tailored to the needs of businesses and researchers. Users can create surveys tailored to their own needs by selecting different question types, themes, and survey flows. Additionally, it provides functions such as sharing surveys, tracking responses, and reporting.

How Does it Work?

Hiosis: Google Survey works seamlessly with Google Forms. Users create their surveys using Google Forms and then transfer them to the Hiosis platform. At this point, additional functionalities provided by Hiosis come into play. Users can use the Hiosis platform to manage their surveys, track responses, analyze data, and generate reports.

The key functions of Hiosis: Google Survey include:

  1. Survey Management: Users can easily create, edit, and publish their surveys. They can customize their surveys using different question types, options, logic branches, and themes.

  2. Data Collection and Analysis: The platform automatically collects and organizes data from surveys. Users can use various tools to analyze and understand the collected data.

  3. Reporting and Presentation: Hiosis offers users various options for reporting and presenting survey results. Users can share results using graphs, tables, and customized reports.

  4. Monitoring and Feedback: The platform enables users to monitor the performance of their surveys and receive feedback. This allows for continuous evaluation of the effectiveness of surveys and identification of improvement opportunities.


Hiosis: Google Survey is a powerful tool that makes data collection and analysis processes more effective for businesses and researchers. When combined with the flexibility and ease of use of Google Forms, it enables effective management of surveys and the acquisition of valuable data. Hiosis supports users in creating, managing, collecting, and analyzing survey data, thereby helping them make more informed and strategic decisions.


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