What is the Trustmark?


Trust is considered a fundamental element in the business world. The sustainability of a company's success relies on the trust of its customers, employees, and other stakeholders. However, earning and maintaining this trust is not only about adopting ethical and honest business practices but also about supporting oneself with a proven system in this context. Hiosis offers a groundbreaking approach to businesses in this regard: the Trust Stamp.

What is Hiosis?

Hiosis is an organization specialized in reliability and business ethics. Its mission is to provide innovative solutions to strengthen and sustain the foundation of trust in the business world. One of Hiosis's most important tools is the "Trust Stamp."

What is the Trust Stamp?

The Trust Stamp is a comprehensive certificate of security and business ethics developed by Hiosis and offered to businesses. This stamp proves the company's commitment to ethical standards and reliability principles. By obtaining this stamp, a business explicitly demonstrates that it is a brand that instills trust in its stakeholders.

Advantages of the Trust Stamp

  1. Increased Customer Trust: A business with the Trust Stamp is perceived as a more reliable option by customers. This increases customer loyalty and provides a competitive advantage.

  2. Enhanced Employee Motivation: Having the Trust Stamp within the business makes employees feel more secure. This increases internal motivation and strengthens employee loyalty.

  3. Strengthened Corporate Image: Having the Trust Stamp elevates the corporate reputation of the business. This provides a stronger position in the public and within the industry.

  4. Risk Reduction: The Trust Stamp proves the business's ethical and legal compliance, reducing legal risks and facilitating crisis management.

  5. International Validity: The Trust Stamp is a recognized document internationally, enhancing the business's competitiveness in the global market.

How to Obtain the Trust Stamp?

To obtain the Trust Stamp, businesses must comply with specific criteria and undergo an audit process provided by Hiosis. This process evaluates the company's compliance with ethical business practices, security policies, management principles, and other critical aspects. Upon successfully completing the audit process, the business receives the Trust Stamp and enjoys the benefits it provides.


The Trust Stamp is a reliability and business ethics certificate that provides businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage. This groundbreaking approach offered by Hiosis strengthens the foundation of trust in the business world and leaves a solid ethical legacy for future generations. The Trust Stamp helps businesses make a positive impact on society and stakeholders and achieve long-term success.


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