What is Webinar?


The rapidly evolving digital world is transforming the dynamics of the business world and reshaping communication methods. Traditional meetings and seminars are increasingly being replaced by events held in digital environments. One such method is webinars, online seminars. Here at Hiosis, we aim to evaluate this innovative communication method and provide you with detailed information on the topic.

What is a Webinar? A webinar is a term derived from the combination of "web" and "seminar." It can be briefly defined as a seminar or educational event conducted over the internet. Webinars enable expert individuals to present to an audience through online platforms, allowing participants to interactively engage with the presentation. Unlike traditional seminars, webinars provide the opportunity to reach participants worldwide without geographical limitations.

Hiosis Webinars: At Hiosis, we keep up with this transformation in the business world and aim to add value to our customers by organizing various webinars to ensure more effective communication and knowledge transfer. By hosting leading figures from the business world in our webinars, we provide participants with insights into industry developments, innovations, and best practices.

Features of Our Webinars:

  1. Content Richness: In each webinar, we address current industry developments, aiming to increase our participants' knowledge base.
  2. Expert Speakers: Our expert speakers share valuable experiences and insights, addressing participants' questions.
  3. Interaction: We enhance engagement by allowing participants to ask questions and share their opinions throughout the webinar.
  4. Resources: In addition to the content presented during the webinars, we provide participants with resource documents and links for further information.

How to Join Hiosis Webinars? Joining Hiosis webinars is straightforward. By following the event calendar on our website, you can register for the webinars that interest you. Once registered, you can watch the webinar and participate interactively through the link provided to you. Additionally, you can access and watch the recordings of our webinars at any time, gaining access to their content.

Conclusion: At Hiosis, we continue to add value to the industry through the webinars we organize, adapting to the changing business landscape and providing more effective communication and knowledge transfer to our customers. With the richness of our webinar content, contributions from expert speakers, and the engagement we foster with our participants, we contribute to the transformation of the business world. By joining Hiosis webinars, you can closely follow industry developments and enhance your knowledge base.


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