What is Turquality?


Turquality is a program initiated by the Turkey Exporters Assembly (TİM) and the Ministry of Development in 2004 with the aim of increasing Turkey's exports, enhancing its competitiveness, and contributing to the country's economy. This program particularly focuses on supporting Turkish brands to become more competitive in the international market. In this article, we, at Hiosis, have thoroughly examined the significance and operation of the Turquality program. We will delve into what Turquality is, how it functions, and our contributions to this program at Hiosis.

  1. What is Turquality?

Turquality is a brand support program launched in 2004 by the Turkey Exporters Assembly (TİM) and the Ministry of Development. The primary objective of the program is to enhance the international competitiveness of Turkish brands and increase their brand value. The Turquality program provides various support mechanisms to participant brands to help them achieve sustainable growth and international success.

  1. How Does Turquality Work?

Turquality aims to increase the international competitiveness of participating brands by providing them with various forms of support. This includes financial assistance, training programs, consultancy services, brand management support, and participation in international marketing activities. These supports are designed to help brands improve product quality, increase brand awareness, and comply with international standards.

  1. The Relationship between Hiosis and Turquality

At Hiosis, we highly value the importance and contributions of the Turquality program. With our innovation and technology-focused approach, we aim to contribute to strengthening Turkey's position in the international arena. Accordingly, we support brands participating in the Turquality program by providing them with technology-based solutions to assist in their digital transformation processes.

Among the solutions we offer at Hiosis are digital marketing strategies, e-commerce platforms, data analytics solutions, and customer relationship management services. Through these services, we aim to support brands participating in the Turquality program to establish a more effective presence in international markets and enhance their competitiveness.


Turquality is an important platform aimed at increasing Turkey's international competitiveness and positioning its brands more strongly in the global market. At Hiosis, we maintain our belief in and support for this program. The importance of support programs like Turquality for Turkish brands to succeed internationally and strengthen Turkey's economy cannot be overstated. In this regard, we at Hiosis will continue to support Turkish brands with our technology-focused solutions.


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