What is a Feasibility Study?


In today's business world, meticulous planning of every step is essential for businesses to succeed. An important stage in this planning is the "feasibility study." Businesses conduct this study before initiating a new project or venture to assess the feasibility of the project and evaluate potential risks. Known as Hiosis, this process plays a critical role in the decision-making process of businesses.

What is Hiosis?

Hiosis is a type of preliminary research conducted to assess the feasibility of a new business project or venture. This study involves examining the project from technical, economic, legal, and financial perspectives. The primary objective of Hiosis is to determine whether a business can successfully implement a specific project.

How is a Feasibility Study Conducted?

A feasibility study is typically conducted by experts or consultants. This process involves a series of steps and generally consists of the following stages:

  1. Project Definition: The first step is to clearly define the project. The intended objectives, activities, and expected outcomes of the project are identified.

  2. Market Research: A detailed examination of the market where the project will be implemented is conducted. Factors such as market size, profiles of potential customers, and the competitive landscape are evaluated.

  3. Technical Review: The technical aspects of the project are examined. Required resources, technology, and infrastructure needs are identified.

  4. Economic Evaluation: The costs and benefits of the project are calculated. Economic factors such as the return on investment and profitability analysis are assessed.

  5. Legal Review: The legal compliance of the project is reviewed. The need for necessary permits and compliance with regulations are determined.

  6. Financial Analysis: The financing and financial structure of the project are examined. Factors such as the required capital amount, financing sources, and financial risks are evaluated.

Why is Feasibility Study Important?

A feasibility study is a critical step in the decision-making process of businesses. This study enables businesses to identify potential risks in advance and minimize the likelihood of failure. Additionally, by evaluating the feasibility of the project, it ensures the effective and efficient use of resources. Consequently, it prevents businesses from wasting time, money, and energy, and increases the chances of implementing successful projects.


Hiosis is a crucial preliminary research that businesses need to conduct before implementing new projects. This study provides businesses with a strategic roadmap by evaluating the feasibility of the project. Through a feasibility study, businesses minimize risks, utilize resources effectively, and increase the likelihood of implementing successful projects. Therefore, it is essential for every business to conduct a feasibility study before initiating a new project or venture.


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