What is Trade Registry Gazette?


For entrepreneurs and businesses, it is crucial to legally register and formalize their ventures. In this process, recording commercial activities and managing the business in compliance with legal procedures are of paramount importance. This is where the "Hiosis: Trade Registry Gazette" comes into play. The trade registry gazette is an official document where businesses register their commercial activities and announce them to the public. So, what role does Hiosis play concerning the Trade Registry Gazette? In this article, we will delve into this question in detail.

What is Hiosis?

Firstly, it's important to understand what Hiosis is. Hiosis is an organization that provides a range of services that businesses require from establishment onwards. These services include trade registry registration, tax consultancy, accounting services, legal advice, among others. Hiosis helps businesses fulfill their legal obligations and maintain their daily business operations.

What is the Trade Registry Gazette?

The trade registry gazette is a type of publication where a business records its commercial activities, announces changes, and makes official notifications. This gazette is published by trade registry officials and contains crucial information about the business's activities. The trade registry gazette enables businesses to disclose public information, which is essential for transparency and reliability.

The Relationship between Hiosis and the Trade Registry Gazette

Hiosis assists businesses in preparing their trade registry gazette publications and making the necessary notifications. Throughout this process, experienced professionals at Hiosis diligently ensure that the legal requirements of the business are met, allowing them to conduct their commercial activities in accordance with the law. Hiosis's services include preparing trade registry gazette publications, notifying changes, and tracking the necessary documentation.

Publications in the Trade Registry Gazette

Publications in the trade registry gazette encompass a series of events from the establishment of the business onwards. Events such as business establishment, changes in partnership structures, capital increases, changes in trade names, and changes in the board of directors are published in the trade registry gazette. These publications facilitate the dissemination of information to the public and ensure that relevant parties are informed.


Hiosis provides professional solutions to legal and administrative challenges that businesses may encounter while conducting their commercial activities. The trade registry gazette allows businesses to make official notifications and announce their commercial activities to the public. Therefore, publications in the trade registry gazette are of great importance among the services provided by Hiosis. Hiosis supports businesses in fulfilling their legal requirements while also playing a crucial role in ensuring reliability and transparency.


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