What is Corporate Identity?


Corporate identity is the entirety of elements that enable a company or organization to have a unique and recognizable identity. This includes the company's logo, colors, typography, corporate voice, mission, values, and communication style. Corporate identity determines how a brand is perceived in the external world and helps the company to interact with its target audience.

Elements of Corporate Identity

  1. Logo: It is the most distinctive symbol of a company. Logos represent the name and character of the company. They should be simple, descriptive, and visually appealing.

  2. Colors: Colors have psychological effects and reflect the emotional aspect of a brand. For example, blue symbolizes trust and loyalty, while red represents passion and energy.

  3. Typography: The fonts a company uses are also part of its corporate identity. Typography can reflect the seriousness, modernity, or traditional structure of the brand.

  4. Corporate Voice: It is the communication style of the brand, both written and verbal. The language, tone of voice, and communication approach used by the company are part of the corporate identity.

  5. Mission and Values: The company's mission and values form the foundation of its corporate identity. They reflect why the company exists and which principles it embraces.

Importance of Corporate Identity

Corporate identity enhances a brand's credibility and recognition. A strong corporate identity sets the brand apart from its competitors and creates a positive image in the minds of consumers. Additionally, corporate identity fosters a sense of unity among employees and helps them to embrace the brand's values.

Hiosis and Corporate Identity

At Hiosis, we assist our clients in creating a robust corporate identity. We ensure that our brands have a unique voice and appearance, leaving a lasting impression on their target audiences. Our logos, color palettes, and communication styles make our brands recognizable and help them stand out in the midst of competition.


Corporate identity is a crucial element that reflects a brand's character and values. A strong corporate identity enhances brand credibility, fosters customer loyalty, and provides a competitive advantage. At Hiosis, we support our clients in creating flawless corporate identities, helping their brands succeed.


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