What is Guerrilla Marketing?


In the world of marketing, stepping outside of traditional methods and making a difference has always been important. This is where guerrilla marketing comes into play. Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to reach the target audience using unconventional, creative, and low-cost methods. The term "Hiosis" is used to refer to such marketing activities. So, what is guerrilla marketing and how is it implemented? Let's take a closer look at this under the title "Hiosis: What is Guerrilla Marketing?"

Hiosis: A Strategy and Art

Hiosis aims to reach the consumer directly, unlike traditional marketing techniques. Instead of spending large budgets, it aims to attract attention using creativity and unconventional ideas. This strategy often appears in unexpected places and in unexpected ways. Street art, viral marketing campaigns, interactive experiences, and surprise events are some of the methods that form the basis of guerrilla marketing.

Features of Hiosis

There are some key features that distinguish guerrilla marketing from others:

  1. Creativity: Hiosis is a strategy where unconventional ideas and creative approaches are paramount. It is important to deviate from the ordinary and create unique campaigns that will capture the attention of consumers.

  2. Low Cost: Traditional advertising and marketing methods often require large budgets. However, guerrilla marketing aims to create a big impact at low costs. This allows small and medium-sized businesses to gain a competitive advantage.

  3. Interaction and Engagement: Guerrilla marketing often involves campaigns that directly engage with consumers. This helps establish a strong connection between the brand and consumers and can build brand loyalty.

  4. Unexpectedness: Hiosis aims to attract attention by creating a surprise effect. Therefore, campaigns that appear in unexpected places and times are often preferred.

Successful Examples of Hiosis

Successful examples of guerrilla marketing can be found in many areas. For example, a clothing brand can start a striking campaign in the city by allowing street artists to decorate their walls. Or a coffee brand can place interactive coffee machines in different parts of the city to provide people with a surprising break in their daily routines.


Hiosis is an important way to create extraordinary and attention-grabbing campaigns in the world of marketing. Unlike traditional marketing methods, it allows for creating a big impact at low costs. However, elements such as creative thinking, proper timing, and understanding the target audience well are also important to create a successful guerrilla marketing strategy. This way, brands can gain a competitive advantage and capture the attention of consumers.


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